Autumn Term 1 2019

Links to Business Plan Priorities:

  • A1. Improve outcomes at KS2, including disadvantaged pupils, in addition increase the proportion of KS1 pupils achieving greater depth, to ensure they are ready for the next stage of education.
  • A2. Teachers to use assessment information to accurately set work that is well matched to pupils' abilities.
  • A3. To focus on developing, planning and training for the further development of expertise, so that quality first teaching can improve.
  • B2. Focus on teaching strategies and set work that is well matched to the pupils' needs to help overcome barriers to learning and improve levels of resilience.
  • B3. Continue to increase aspirations for pupils to have a sense of pride, thereby developing the significance of education.
  • C1. Continue to create a broad-based curriculum and develop extra-curricular activities.
  • C2. Promote, encourage and monitor PP students' participation in extra-curricular activities.
  • C3. Lesson planning to include opportunities to deliver SMSC and British Values, and to this explicit around the Academy.
  • D2. Widen community links to include other cultures: networks, learning partnerships and community. Engage with local and national organisations to provide opportunities for pupils.
  • D3. Develop good relationships with the staff and pupils and develop a leadership team with a clear culture, standards, vision for the school whilst supporting staff wellbeing.
  • E1. To work to ensure that the teaching of phonics is fully embedded in class to ensure pupils are provided with opportunities to practice reading.
  • E2. To develop, implement and monitor strategies/actions to increase the number of pupils who are exceeding expected levels of progress in writing.

Autumn Term 1, 2019:

Date Main Focus e.g. visit, leadership, club, workshop Brief Summary Link to Business Plan Who will organise and/or lead the event? Who does this involve?
9.09.19 KS1 Sports Club(Mondays) Weekly lunchtime club involving learning a range of sport skills and looking at different activities. A3, B3, C1, C2 JS FS2 / Year 1 and 2
11.09.19 KS2 Sports Club(Wednesdays) Weekly lunchtime club involving learning a range of sport skills and looking at different activities. A3, B3, C1, C2 JW Pupils from Y4 to Y6.
12.09.19 Music Club(Thursdays) Weekly afterschool club to encourage children to learn to play the key board and to read music notes. A1, B2, B3, C1, C2 SH 5 pupils from Y2
13.09.19 Roald Dahl Day Day activity based around the Roald Dahl celebrations and his book ‘Esio Trot’ A1, B2, B3, C1 ERO All Key Stages
13.09.19 Drawing Club(Fridays) Weekly lunchtime club involving drawing skills, learning about pencil lines, colouring and shading. A1, A3, B2, B3, C2 SC All Key Stages
27.09.19 Activity weekend PGL Weekend – 3 day residential. Activities included zip wire, giant swing; raft building, archery, abseiling and fencing. B2, B3, C1, C2 ERO 9 Year 6 pupils
01.10.10 Bus Safety External Guest from Max Respect carrying out an assembly on bus behaviour and safety B3, C1, C3, D2 SC Tucana Y6
03.10.19 National Poetry Day Pupils produced various poems about Grandparents. A1, B2, C1, E1 ALL All Key Stages
03.10.19 Grandparents Day Grandparents invited into school to hear the poems that the children produced during their poetry writing activities. A1, B2, D2, E2 ERO / SC All Key Stages
11.10.19 Maths Challenge All classes took part in a range of practical activities linked to shape. A1, A2, B3, D3 NB All Key Stages
16.10.19 Shoe Box Appeal An assembly to promote the Shoe Box Appeal B3, C1, C2 SC All Key Stages
17.10.19 Range of activities Reading Challenge reward afternoon A2, A3, B3, C1, E1 ERU / SC All Key Stages
17.10.19 Assembly Harvest assembly with Reverend Canon Chris Lilley C2, C3, D2, D3 SC All Key Stages

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