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Autumn Term 2 2020

Our plans for enrichment are quite different for this term, due to current restrictions. However, this is always an important focus for us and we are exploring as many different ways as possible to enhance wider skills and knowledge, alongside the normal curriculum. I have included some of our main areas of focus to highlight some of the priorities that we feel are particularly important this year.

Links to Business Plan Priorities 2020-21:

A1: Continue enhancing KS1 & 2 performance and also improve the proportion of the KS2 students achieving greater depth, to ensure that they are ready for the next stage of education, whilst considering and addressing the impact of Covid-19.

A2: Improve cross-curricular links with mathematics to improve confidence, enjoyment and ability to access the full curriculum.

B3: Continue to increase aspirations for pupils to have a sense of pride, thereby developing the significance of education.

C1: Extension of education and extracurricular activities, such as sport, to give pupils the chance to improve character strength further and to broaden interests especially during the COVID crisis.

C3: Continue to improve the curriculum to encourage broader development, including mental health and well-being, while continuing to support equal opportunities and diversity, particularly in relation to the on-going challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

D2: Continue to widen community links to include other cultures: networks, learning partnerships and community. Where possible, engage with local and national organisations to provide opportunities for pupils, with consideration to COVID -19 restrictions.

Autumn Term 2020:

Date Main Focus e.g. visit, leadership, club, workshop, new initiative, national event, curriculum activity, competition Brief Summary Link to Business Plan Who will organise and/or lead the event? Who does this involve?
Daily National initiative Daily Mile – All children complete the daily mile to help to combat obesity and increase physical activity levels. We walk the mile around the playground or on the field, each bubble at a different time in the day.
C2, C3 Class Teachers Pupils and staff
Weekly Visit Star of the Week – as we can’t meet as a whole school, the Principal visits each class every Friday and gives out the weekly certificates to celebrate achievement and good deeds. B3, C3 Mrs Cook All pupils
Weekly Club Year 5 and 6 after non-contact sports club on a Wednesday evening to promote team work and health and wellbeing.
C1, C3 and D2 Mr Mansey Pyxis ‘bubble’
Weekly Club Year 1 and 2 lunchtime sports club on a Tuesday to promote team work and health and wellbeing.
C1, C3 and D2 Miss Riddle Carina class
w/b 1st September 2020 Curriculum enrichment In each class we have a worry box so that the children can confidentially place in any worries they might have. These will then be dealt with appropriately by the staff.
C1, C3 All Staff All pupils
5th November Curriculum enrichment Pyxis class attended an E – Safety Workshop to demonstrate how to safeguard, protect and educate themselves in the acceptable use of technology and communications, including social media. C3, D2 LCC – Mr Bontoft Pyxis ‘bubble’
w/b 2nd November 2020 Curriculum enrichment FS2 learnt about Bonfire Night and why it is celebrated. We discussed how to stay safe and the importance of listening to grown-ups. They created their own bonfire pictures. D2 Miss Marrows FS2 pupils
w/b 2nd November 2020 Curriculum enrichment Carina class learnt about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot, had an assembly about bonfire and firework safety and made firework pictures, during an art lesson, using pastels. D2 Miss Robinson Y1 & 2
w/b 2nd November Curriculum enrichment
As part of the theme ‘Let’s Celebrate’, FS1 tasted different food that is eaten during the Jewish holiday Sukkot. C1, C2 Mrs Birt FS1 pupils
w/b 2nd November Curriculum enrichment
All of the children learnt about the meaning behind the poppies worn for Remembrance Day and created their own for a whole school display. C1, C3 All staff All pupils
w/b 2nd November Curriculum enrichment
Pyxis class have signed up to take part in Reading Plus. This is an online reading program that helps develop a child’s independent reading skills. Every child takes part in three weekly sessions where they get to independently select and read a wide range of texts linked to their own reading ability. A1 Mrs Bull Pyxis class
w/b 2nd November Curriculum enrichment
Theddlethorpe Academy have taken part in the Tollbar ‘Top of the Rocks’ times table challenge. Each school within the MAT is competing to see who can score the highest and win the challenge.
A1 All staff Theddlethorpe Academy pupils
w/b 09th November Curriculum enrichment Remembrance Day. Through our classroom assemblies and RE lessons we thought about how and why on Remembrance Day that everyone in Britain is asked to remember the sacrifices made by others during times of war. All of the children did various activities linked to this throughout the week. A2, B3, C1, C3 All Staff All pupils
W/b 9th November Curriculum enrichments Diwali. FS2 will learn about Diwali, how people celebrate it and why it is important by listening to stories and creating their own Diva lamps. C3, D2, A2 Miss Marrows and Mrs Birt FS2 pupils
w/b 9th November Curriculum enrichments Children in Need. Across the school, children wore spots to support the cause. Children are carrying out activities. Carina and Hydra Joined in with Joe Wicks’ 24 hour PE.
A2, C3, D2 All Staff All pupils
w/b 16th November Curriculum enrichment Diwali. FS1 looked at the Hindu celebration, Diwali. They made diva lamps from clay and made chocolate bark, a Hindu treat. C1, C2 Mrs Birt FS1 pupils
w/b 2nd November Curriculum enrichment Christmas cards. All pupils took part in designing a Christmas card that can be made into cards, coasters, mugs and gift tags. A sample was sent home for parents and carers to pick from. The children really enjoyed designing their own card and getting into the Christmas spirit! B3, C3, D2 All staff All pupils
10th December Curriculum enrichment Virtual Christmas Festival – The children will take part in an online event where they will learn about how Christmas is celebrated around the world by different cultures and religions. They will learn facts, speak some words in different languages and do some crafts and activities.
C1, C3, D2 All staff All pupils
16th December Curriculum enrichment Christmas lunch and Christmas jumper day – Each bubble will be celebrating Christmas by wearing a Christmas themed jumper and having a Christmas dinner. C1, C3, D2 All staff All pupils
w/b 16th December Curriculum enrichment Christmas virtual story – Each bubble will be watching and taking part in a Christmas panto style story; ‘Jesus’ Christmas Party’ delivered by Revered David Hawthorn. C1, C3, D2 All staff All pupils

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