Autumn Term 2 2020

Our plans for enrichment are quite different for this term, due to current restrictions. However, this is always an important focus for us and we are exploring as many different ways as possible to enhance wider skills and knowledge, alongside the normal curriculum. I have included some of our main areas of focus to highlight some of the priorities that we feel are particularly important this year.

Links to Business Plan Priorities 2020-21:

A1: Continue enhancing KS1 & 2 performance and also improve the proportion of the KS2 students achieving greater depth, to ensure that they are ready for the next stage of education, whilst considering and addressing the impact of Covid-19.

A2: Improve cross-curricular links with mathematics to improve confidence, enjoyment and ability to access the full curriculum.

B3: Continue to increase aspirations for pupils to have a sense of pride, thereby developing the significance of education.

C1: Extension of education and extracurricular activities, such as sport, to give pupils the chance to improve character strength further and to broaden interests especially during the COVID crisis.

C3: Continue to improve the curriculum to encourage broader development, including mental health and well-being, while continuing to support equal opportunities and diversity, particularly in relation to the on-going challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

D2: Continue to widen community links to include other cultures: networks, learning partnerships and community. Where possible, engage with local and national organisations to provide opportunities for pupils, with consideration to COVID -19 restrictions.

Autumn Term 2020:

Date Main Focus e.g. visit, leadership, club, workshop, new initiative, national event, curriculum activity,
Brief Summary Link to Business Plan Who will organise and/or lead the event? Who does this involve?
Daily National initiative Daily Mile – All children complete the daily mile to help to combat obesity and increase physical activity levels. We walk the mile around the playground or on the field, each bubble at a different time in the day. C2, C3 Class Teachers Pupils and staff
Weekly Visit Star of the Week – as we can’t meet as a whole school, the Principal visits each class every Friday and gives out the weekly certificates tocelebrate
achievement and good deeds.
B3, C3 Mrs Cook All pupils
Weekly Club Year 5 and 6 after non-contact sports club on a Wednesday evening to promote team work and health and wellbeing. C1, C3 and D2 Mr Mansey Pyxis ‘bubble’
Weekly Club Year 3 and 4 lunchtime sports club on a Tuesday to promote team work and health and wellbeing. C1, C3 and D2 Miss Riddle Hydra
w/b 1stSeptember 2020 Curriculum activity Each class made their own ‘Helping hands’ display by drawing roundtheir hand and writing on all of the people that could help them in anyway, especially if they were worried or anxious. This linked to thereturn to school and concerns linked to COVID-19. C1, C3 All staff All pupils and staff
w/b 1st September 2020 Curriculum enrichment In each class we have a worry box so that the children canconfidentially place in any worries they might have. These will then bedealt with appropriately by the staff. C1, C3 All Staff All pupils
11th September 2020 Curriculum enrichment We celebrated ‘Roald Dahl Day’ on this day. This was to celebrate his birthday and the array of books that he has written. All of the childrendid various activities linked to his books throughout the day. A2, C1 Miss Robinson All pupils
w/b 14.09.20 Curriculum activity As part of our PHSE lesson Pyxis class spent time thinking about thethings in their lives that they are grateful for. We then discussed howour time away from school and friends made us realise what things areimportant in our lives. We completed gratitude tags and hung thesefrom our class ‘Gratitude Tree’. C1, C3 Mrs Bull Pyxis ‘bubble’
28th September 2020 Curriculum enrichment Each class watched the Big Anti-Bullying Assembly 2020. This talkedabout different types of bullying and what we can do to deal with it. Thepupils took the pledge against bullying. All Staff All Pupils
30th September 2020 Curriculum enrichment Pyxis class were invited to attend an online workshop to learn about parliament. They were taught about the House of Lords, The House of Commons and the role of the Monarch. They also got to ask lots of
interesting questions about the role of the Government and politicians.
C1, D2 Mrs Bull Pyxis ‘bubble’
October 2020
Curriculum activity As part of their science lesson Carina class planted some bulbs, at the front of the school, ready to shoot up in the spring. C1 Miss Robinson Carina
2nd October 2020 Curriculum activity As part of our PSHE lesson Carina class have been learning about cooperation. We played some traditional board games with a partner.The children enjoyed them so much that we used them again duringGolden Time. C1, C3 Miss Robinson Mrs Birt Carina
5th to 9th October 2020 Curriculum Activity As we are unable to have a whole school Harvest Festival we haveinvited parents to drop off, at the school gate, donations of non-perishable items of food so the Academy can donate it to the local Foodbank. This act of goodwill will be a significant part of the RE lessons inthis week. A1, B3, C3
and D2
Mrs Cook All pupils
6th October 2020 On line visit / Curriculum Activity To promote Harvest festival. Fr David Hawthorn online from Portugal telling the story of ‘The Ungrateful Tortoise! ‘. Children to read out messages of thanks for Harvest. A1, B3, C3
and D2
Mrs Cook Hydra
7th October 2020 On line visit Curriculum Activity To promote Harvest festival. Fr David Hawthorn online from Portugal telling the story of the loaves and the fishes. Children will have time toask Fr David questions about Christianity and differentdenominations. A1, B3, C3
and D2
Mrs Cook Pyxis’ bubble’
9th October 2020 National Event ‘Hello Yellow Day,’ as part of World Mental Health Day. Pupils areinvited to wear a yellow item of clothing as part of their uniform and will be encouraged to take part in activities to make someone elsesmile e.g. tell them a funny joke. C2, C3 and D2 All Staff All pupils

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