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Milestone 1: Years 1 & 2

Threshold Concepts: Code (using scratch)

Motion: Control motion by specifying the number of steps to travel, direction and turn.

Looks: Add text strings, show and hide objects and change the features of an object.

Sound: Select sounds and control when they are heard, their duration and volume.

Draw: Control when drawings appear and set the pen colour, size and shape.

Events: Specify user inputs (such as clicks) to control events.

Control: Specify the nature of events (such as a single event or a loop).

Sensing: Create conditions for actions by waiting for a user input (such as responses to questions like: What is your name?).

Variables and Lists: From Year 3 onwards.

Operators: From Year 3 onwards.

Threshold Concepts: Connect

Participate in class social media accounts.

Understand online risks and the age rules for sites.

Threshold Concepts: Communicate

Use a range of applications and devices in order to communicate ideas, workand messages.

Threshold Concepts: Collect

Use simple databases to record information in areas across the curriculum.

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