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Milestone 2: Years 3 & 4

Threshold Concepts: Code (using scratch)

Motion: Use specified screen coordinates to control movement.

Looks: Set the appearance of objects and create sequences of changes.

Sound: Create and edit sounds. Control when they are heard, their volume, duration and rests.

Draw: Control the shade of pens.

Events: Specify conditions to trigger events.

Control: Use IF THEN conditions to control events or objects.

Sensing: Create conditions for actions by sensing proximity or by waiting for a user input(such as proximity to a specified colour or a line or responses to questions).

Variables and Lists: Use variables to store a value.

Variables and Lists: Use the functions define, set, change, show and hide to control the variables.

Operators: Use the Reporter operators to perform calculations.

() + ()

() - ()

() * ()

() / ()

Threshold Concepts: Connect

Contribute to blogs that are moderated by teachers.

Give examples of the risks posed by online communications.

Understand the term 'copyright'.

Understand that comments made online that are hurtful or offensive are thesame as bullying.

Understand how online services work.

Threshold Concepts: Communicate

Use some of the advanced features of applications and devices in order tocommunicate ideas, work or messages professionally.

Threshold Concepts: Collect

Devise and construct databases using applications designed for this purposein areas across the curriculum.

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