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Milestone 3: Years 5 & 6

Threshold Concepts: Code (using scratch)

Motion: Set IF conditions for movements. Specify types of rotation giving the number of degrees.

Looks: Change the position of objects between screen layers (send to back, bring to front).

Sound: Upload sounds from a file and edit them. Add effects such as fade in and out and control their implementation.

Draw: Combine the use of pens with movement to create interesting effects.

Events: Set events to control other events by 'broadcasting' information as a trigger.

Control: Use IF THEN ELSE conditions to control events or objects.

Sensing: Use a range of sensing tools (including proximity, user inputs, loudness and mouse position) to control events or actions.

Variables and Lists: Use lists to create a set of variables.

Operators: Use the Boolean operators

() < ()

() = ()

() > ()




to define conditions.

Use the Reporter operators

() + ()

() - ()

() * ()

() / ()

to perform calculations.

Pick Random () to ()

Join () ()

Letter () of ()

Length of ()

() Mod () This reports the remainder

after a division calculation

Round ()

() of ().

Threshold Concepts: Connect

Collaborate with others online on sites approved and moderated by teachers.

Give examples of the risks of online communities and demonstrate knowledge of how to minimise risk and report problems.

Understand and demonstrate knowledge that it is illegal to download copyrighted material, including music or games, without express written permission, from the copyright holder.

Understand the effect of online comments and show responsibility and sensitivity when online.

Understand how simple networks are set up and used.

Threshold Concepts: Communicate

Choose the most suitable applications and devices for the purposes of communication.

Use many of the advanced features in order to create high quality, professional or efficient communications.

Threshold Concepts: Collect

Select appropriate applications to devise, construct and manipulate data and present it in an effective and professional manner.

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