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Year 3 & 4

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  Autumn Term 1 Autumn Term 2 Spring Term 1 Spring Term 2 Summer Term 1 Summer Term 2
  Buildings Land of Hope and Glory Short Circuit
Key Themes Study changes in buildings throughout British history and in some ancient civilisations. Study the United Kingdom
Study its main physical and human features
Look at changes over time
Explore similarities and differences from other European countries
Study one area (different to that studied in Key Stage 1) in some depth
Learn about electronics
Explore how to combine our knowledge of electrical circuits with design to create a variety of fun and useful products
History The children will begin by looking at some of the most famous and fantastic buildings from around the world as it is today. We will then use this to compare the similarities and differences throughout the ages. We will explore materials used and some of the designs that were used. We will look at the rise and fall of Roman buildings as Romans invaded, settled and then left Britain.
We will look at the changes in buildings in our own locality since CE 1066.
We will study some of the amazing buildings of ancient civilisations such as the ziggurat temples of the Ancient Sumer, which inspired architects of the MI5 building; the palace cities of the Shang Dynasty; the pyramids of the Ancient Egyptians; the Acropolis and Olympia of Ancient Greece and any others that children show an interest in.
Geography The children will use their prior knowledge of using maps and atlases to locate continents, countries and seas. We will explore some of the changes that have taken place in the UK over time such as; the industrial past such as railways, ship building, fishing etc. We will explore how disused industrial sites, like the Olympic park, have helped regenerate these areas and how the influence of the UK in the world over time led Edward Elgar to write a song called Land of Hope and Glory.
We will compare aspects of physical and human features of the UK with some other European countries we have studies. We will also compare and contrast the cultures and practices of these countries by looking at: Food; languages; governments and monarchies; national days and festivals; weather and climate; major sporting events in which all European countries compete.
We will also explore the network of 53 independent countries called the Commonwealth.
Design Technology     We will combine motors with other materials to create an ‘Art Bot’ which will dance around a piece of paper, drawing as it goes.
We will discover Potato Power – how potatoes may be used to create electricity that can power a small LED.
We will combine our knowledge of mechanisms with our knowledge of circuits and create an electric car. It will be put through its paces, having to climb steep slopes, so we will need to use our knowledge of friction to make sure it meets the challenge. As we learn more about electricity from a scientific perspective, we will apply our knowledge of circuits to make an intruder alarm. Throughout all of our design challenges we will need to consider the purpose of our work, make and constantly evaluate and refine our products so that they improve over time. We will also use a range of practical skills and improve the presentation of our products.
Art The children will draw and paint images of some of the wonderful buildings they will look; at both ancient and modern. They will produce sculptures in the style of some ancient artefacts. They will also look at the work of artists from different periods in time who have captured some of the magnificent buildings in their work. We will draw and paint images of the cities and landscapes we study. We will create sculptures of some of the distinctive landmarks and buildings that we find as well as taking inspiration from some of Europe’s greatest artists from over the centuries. The children will draw, paint, sculpt, create textiles and digital media, as appropriate, to give good quality finishes to their products.
Music Mamma Mia! Glockenspiel Stage 2 Stop! Lean on Me Blackbird Reflect, Rewind and Replay
Science States of Matter Living Things
Evolution and Inheritance
Sound and Hearing
Electrical circuits
Computer Science Collaborative Learning How the Internet Works Website design HTML Investigating Weather Computational Thinking
RE How do Hindus reflect their faith in the way they live? What does the Qur’an teach Muslims about how they should treat others? In what way does the Bible teach Christians to treat others? Christianity:
Big Questions – Why do we celebrate?
Big Questions – Why do we celebrate?
PSHE Our Community How to be a good friend How do we stay safe and Healthy? How do we stay safe and Healthy? The Big, Wide World Changes
French Presenting Myself Family The Tudors or Habitats At the Cafe The Classroom Goldilocks
Indoor Athletics
Cross Country
OAA/Team Work

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