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Academy’s Family Learning Workshops Promote Links Between School And Home

Sarah Provis with son Harry (Year 5) at the weekly Family Learning Workshop at Theddlethorpe Academy.

Promoting family links with school and understanding how their children learn is the purpose of a Family Learning Workshop taking place each Friday afternoon at Theddlethorpe Academy.

Staff feel the workshop is more important than ever after the Covid pandemic interrupted children’s learning. Parents are taking advantage of the afternoons to engage with their children one-to-one, learn ways of helping them with their learning, and come together with teaching staff and other parents to share their experiences.

Susan Cook, Principal at the Academy, said the sessions cover a variety of topics and provide an opportunity for both the parents and the teachers to better understand the different perspectives of learning in order to assist the pupils in their educational journey.

“We want to learn how we can help each other to bring out the best in the children,” she explained. 

Mum Michelle Addison, who has two children, Elissa (Year 1) and Eli (Year 4) at the Academy, said the workshops are really helpful. “I love being able to have close links with the school and the children are so happy to see us here. It brings us all much closer together and, because school plays such a big role in the children’s lives, it is vital that we understand what is going on.”

Clare Barker has three children at Theddlethorpe Academy after moving to the area last September. Keegan (1), Cainan (2) and Drew (6) have all settled in well at their new school, but Clare says the workshops have also helped her to meet other parents and feel more connected to the area.

“The workshops have given me the opportunity to properly chat with other parents and get to know people and the school much better,” she said.

Melissa Gill’s children, Sophie and Phoebe, are in Year 6 and Year 4 at the Academy. She said the workshops allow her to have one-to-one sessions with each child, which she finds “invaluable.”

Sarah Provis, whose son Harry is in Year 5, said the workshops have been great for her and Harry to bond because they get her out of the house and into school to see what he is doing. “I suffer from anxiety and so these sessions have been good motivation for me to get myself out. I get to spend time with Harry and he is thrilled to see me here, and I also make new friends,” she said.

Harry said: “It is great to see my mum here in school. We get to do things together and she gets to meet my teachers.”

The Friday afternoon workshops will continue until the end of term.

The Family learning Workshop at Theddlethorpe Academy. Pictured are parents with their children. (L-r) Michelle Addison, Elissa Addison, Clare Barker, Keegan Barker, Sophie Gill and Melissa Gill.

Susan Cook, Principal of Theddlethorpe Academy, with pupils Eli Addison and Sophie Gill at the Family Learning Workshop, which promotes links between school and home.

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Theddlethorpe Academy Principal

Mrs Susan Cook