Awards Celebrate A Small Year Group With Big Aspirations

The Year 6 cohort 2018/19. They are (l-r) Keaton Blurton, Abbie Tomlinson, Lily-Ann Nock, Kacie Spencer, Roxy Carmichael, Mia-Lili Bennett and Royce Winters with their awards.

Pupils, teachers, parents, family and friends came together to celebrate the end of Primary School for Year 6 pupils.

At the Year 6 Annual Awards Day, the small cohort of just seven pupils were also joined by their friends in Year 5 for an afternoon of songs and celebrations.

Principal Rebecca Scott said: "The pupils in Year 6 have done a fantastic job. Although small in numbers, they are a great cohort of children and have displayed a wonderful attitude throughout the year. They have worked extremely hard."

Mrs Scott also paid tribute to the hard work of all the staff at Theddlethorpe Academy throughout 2018/19, and to Tollbar Multi Academy Trust for its constant support.

She said: "I know some parents said to me earlier in the year that they there were so grateful for the revision guides and materials that are provided to all Year 6 children across the MAT, commenting that other schools didn't have anything like that. This is just one small example of how the pupils have been supported, so thank you to Mr Hampson."

Four Awards were presented in all to children in Year 6; three for Progress in the recent SATs results, and one for Overall Contribution To The Academy. The winners each received an engraved trophy to take home. The larger engraved trophies remain in school for pupils to aspire to.

The winner of the trophy for Best Progress in Mathematics was Royce Winters.

Roxy Carmichael won the trophy for Best Progress in Writing.

The trophy for Best Progress in Reading was awarded to Kacie Spencer.

The most prestigious award of the day - for Greatest Overall Contribution To The Academy - went to Abbie Tomlinson.

Mrs Scott said: "This award is very special as it covers all aspects of someone's character – achievement, effort, and attitude – and importantly how they have helped and supported others and the wider aspects of the academy.

"People think Abbie is quiet and shy, but you should see her with her friends in the playground! At every opportunity she offers support and encouragement to her peers and has been a fantastic role model to the younger children in the school."

Mrs Scott concluded by presenting a gift from the Trust to every child in Year 6. She said: "It is important to recognise that everyone in Year 6 has achieved and everyone has made progress and they should all be commended for that."

Theddlethorpe Academy Year 6 Awards. Abbie Tomlinson receives the award for Greatest Overall Contribution To The Academy from Principal Rebecca Scott.

Kacie Spencer - winner Best Progress in Reading.

Royce Winters - winner Best Progress in Maths.

Roxy Carmichael - winner Best Progress in Writing.

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Theddlethorpe Academy Principal

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