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Christmas Tree-t For Children From Parish Council

Reception children at Theddlethorpe Academy have been making Christmas decorations for their tree, which has been donated by Theddlethorpe Parish Council. Children get ready to hang their decorations, watched by Susan Cook, Principal, and Carl Richardson, Chairman of Theddlethorpe Parish Council.

Theddlethorpe Academy children received a fabulous Christmas Tree from the Parish Council as a reward for all of their efforts in keeping positive during the pandemic.

Parish Council Chairman Carl Richardson said: “Theddlethorpe Parish Council is delighted to donate this Christmas Tree and lighting to Theddlethorpe Academy. I think we all appreciate that it has been a tough few years for children and staff in education. Hopefully this will bring a little joy not only to the hard working children here, but to everyone who passes by our school.”

Susan Cook, Academy Principal, said the children and staff were very grateful for the lovely gift and the support of the Parish Council.

Children hang their decorations on their new tree: from left, Ella Smith, 4, Ronnie Rope, 3, Rylea Dalton, 4, and Sienna McNamara, 5.

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Theddlethorpe Academy Principal

Mrs Susan Cook