Early Years Children Meet Animals They Are Learning About

Theddlethorpe Academy pupils visit Rand Farm Park. Thomas Smith and Elissa Addison meet the chicks.

Theddlethorpe Academy Early Years pupils visited Rand Farm Park, near Market Rasen, for a hands-on learning experience and were especially thrilled to meet and hold a variety of newborn chicks.

Fifteen FS1 and FS2 children visited the park in conjunction with their current topic 'Rumble in the Jungle,' in which they have been learning about different animals – where they come from, what they eat and where they live.

At Rand Farm, the children fed the animals (cows, sheep, donkeys and goats), held the chicks, stroked the rabbits and guinea pigs, bottle fed the lambs and watched a cow being milked.

Rebecca Scott, Theddlethorpe Academy Principal, said: "This trip allowed the children to get first-hand experience and up close with the animals we have been learning about. The children were able to ask the questions they had prepared and experience a working farm. They really enjoyed it."

Danielle Monk bottle feeds a lamb with Farm Ranger Alex Veasey.

Farm Ranger Alex Veasey with pupil Elissa Addison and chick.

Riding the tractor! Ava Beard, Dylan North and Lily-Mae Tudbury.

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Theddlethorpe Academy Principal

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