MAT Coronavirus Response

Ref: DJH/KR 12 March 2020

Dear parent/carer

Due to the current national situation in relation to the Coronavirus, I want to make you aware of the actions we have taken to support government directives to protect our children and staff. In addition, I would like to outline provision we are putting in place in the event of the local/national situation escalating. Currently there are no cases within our Academies and we are open as normal.

I have asked the Academy Principals to inform you of the measures and the provisions I have requested they put in place to respond to the Coronavirus situation and their letter accompanies mine.

Please find below the specific measures that have been actioned in your child's Academy. Obviously, the Trust will continue to monitor and respond to government advice and act accordingly.

I am fully co-ordinating the Trust response and implementing the Academy provision and contingency plans including the following actions:

  • We receive daily updates from the Department for Education, which ensures we are fully aware of the latest advice being given to education establishments.
  • An information leaflet was sent to parents to support families with government directives.
  • We are in regular contact with the local authority, who again advise us of any updated information.
  • We have invested heavily in extra sanitisers, including placing new units at different points in the Academy, including main reception and the lunch hall.
  • We have taken steps to ensure increased sanitisation of equipment that is regularly used by staff and pupils, such as telephones and computers.
  • Staff speak to the children on a regular basis about the importance of regularly washing their hands and actively encourage them to do so at every opportunity throughout the day.
  • Where external visits have been planned, we have considered each on an individual basis and liaise with each venue/provider to assess each situation.

As part of our contingency planning we have to prepare for every eventuality which might include having to close the Academy for a period of time. As the situation is changing at a rapid rate on a daily basis, we are also aware that we may have to close the Academy at very short notice. This could be a directive from the national government or could be because of a localised issue.

If the Academy gets sufficient notice, then parents will be informed of a closure by letter. If that is not possible then parents will be informed by our Parent App, MyEd and on our website. Please download the “MyEd” app if you have not already done so.

Yours faithfully

Mr D J Hampson, OBE
Chief Executive Officer

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Theddlethorpe Academy Principal

Mrs Susan Cook

Tollbar MAT Chief Executive

David J Hampson