New Traffic Measures Outside Growing Academy As Agencies Tackle Drivers' Speed

PCSO Ben Fordyce from Mablethorpe Police checks the speed of drivers outside Theddlethorpe Academy.

A number of agencies have banded together to tackle road safety outside Theddlethorpe Primary Academy as its success means pupil numbers continue to rise.

Lincolnshire Police have now provided a speed box to alert drivers to their speed as they approach the rural Academy, and Tollbar Multi Academy Trust has provided more visible signage, warning of the 30mph speed limit.

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership has also installed a machine that collects information about the speed and frequency of the traffic to see what can be done to further address a number of concerns which have been raised by staff, parents and pupils at the Academy.

Parents are calling for a 20mph limit outside the school. Chloe Drew said many drivers are unaware that there is a school on the lane and use it as a race track. "They come down here far too fast and are putting all of our children at risk," she said.

PCSO Ben Fordyce, from Mablethorpe Police, said the rural location means that the road speed changes constantly. "Outside the school it is 30mph, a couple of hundred yards further down it changes to 40mph and then a bit further along 60mph. Some drivers are not paying attention and are continuing at the same speed right the way along."

Theddlethorpe Academy has been working closely with Carole Hatt, from Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, to promote road safety and educate its children to keep safe on the roads and on the school bus. Carole has recruited Junior Road Safety Officers in each year group and visits the Academy once a term to provide training around different themes. The Junior Road Safety Officers then share what they have done with the rest of the children, during assemblies.

Rebecca Scott, Principal of Theddlethorpe Academy, explained: "At the start of the year many parents were complaining about the speed at which some cars travel during drop-off and pick-up times. In November, the JRSO's met with the Academy's Health and Safety committee. We also invited the PCSO, a Parish Councillor and two parents to share their views.

"One of the main concerns raised was the lack of signage and road markings to clearly show drivers that there is a school here. It had also been requested in the past that the speed limit be lowered. When this issue had been raised in the past, it was suggested that due to the small numbers of children attending the school, the signage and road markings were adequate. However, the Academy has gained more than 30 pupils since this time and, with the opening of the new Nursery, it could potentially mean that children are being dropped off and picked up at different times.

"There is no doubt that the new signage at the front of the school provided by Tollbar MAT, and the police speed box that alerts drivers to their current speed as they pass the front of the school has been effective, and cars now visibly slow on approach. The PCSO's will be returning later in the term to complete workshops with the children and train them in using the speed guns.

"Nothing is more important to us at Theddlethorpe Academy than the safety and welfare of our pupils. We take rigorous steps to ensure that they stay safe and do not come to any harm. We are working closely with parents/carers and a range of professional external agencies in order to secure this."

Speeding issues outside Theddlethorpe Academy are being addressed by a number of agencies. PCSO Ben Fordyce from Mablethorpe Police, with (back, l-r) Lincolnshire Road Safety Officer Carole Hatt, parents Chloe Drew and Michelle Addison, and Theddlethorpe Academy Principal, Rebecca Scott. With them are pupils (l-r) Katy Allan (Year 4) and Lily Nock (Year 6).

Addressing pupils' road safety outside Theddlethorpe Academy. Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership Officer Carole Hatt works with (l-r) Isla Hallam (Year 3), Lily Nock (Year 6), Lola Howseman (Year 2) and Katy Allan (Year 4).

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Theddlethorpe Academy Principal

Rebecca Scott

Tollbar MAT Chief Executive

David J Hampson