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Investment In Outdoor Lessons And More Physical Activity

The new Outdoor Classroom combines the curriculum with learning in the fresh air.

Outdoor lessons and increased physical activity are being embraced at Theddlethorpe Academy with investment in new flooring and outdoor resurfacing work.

The Outdoor Classroom has a brand new floor and children can now have curriculum-based lessons outside when the weather is good. The Outdoor Play Area has a completely new surface to ensure safe play and pupils have embraced the play equipment this week in the sunshine.

Research shows that children benefit greatly from outdoor learning, which allows them to use their problem solving skills and learn to assess risk. Yet in recent years, on average, UK children have spent less time outside because of concerns over safety, traffic, crime and parental fears. Introducing Outdoor Classrooms into schools helps to address this issue and allows teachers to combine the curriculum with outdoor learning.

Susan Cook, Principal of Theddlethorpe Academy, said: “The Outdoor Play Area helps to increase physical activity for our children and to promote their wellbeing. It has been a while since the children were able to use it and they have embraced it this week in the good weather.

“Teachers are also getting children outdoors by delivering curriculum-based lessons in in our Outdoor Classroom. A variety of subjects, such as Maths, Art and Science, are all being taken outside.”

Year 1 pupil Dylan Doherty enjoys the new Outdoor Play Area at Theddethorpe Academy.

Children learn to assess risk with outdoor play and increase their physical activity.

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Theddlethorpe Academy Principal

Mrs Susan Cook