Romans March Again At Classroom In The Woods

We did it! Proud pupils Marley Heffernan, Louis Taylor, Ethan Doherty, Sasha Hancock, Emelia Henderson, Alex Smith, Paige Potter, and Isla Hallam as their hard work pays off and their tent is almost ready at the Classroom In The Woods.

Pupils from Theddlethorpe Academy worked as the Romans would have done to bring their classroom project to life out in the field.

The Year 3 and 4 children visited The Classroom In the Woods at Ashby cum Fenby following six weeks of studying the Romans. The classroom was developed with the help of the Natural England Education Access Scheme and enables children to explore the countryside as a part of their education.

To extend their studies, the children worked with Richard Dawson from Classroom In the Woods, who showed them how the Roman Army worked in groups of eight to complete tasks such as road building and making camp.

Richard explained: "We have been building a road and now we have come down to the stream to pitch our tents. The children are working in groups of eight trying to overcome the problems that brings, and there was a little bit of a surprise when they found that the tent packs only consisted of a sheet. They had to actually find their poles so it took a little bit of thinking about.

"The children have been studying the Romans for six weeks already. By coming here, the idea is that they gain some extra practical knowledge about the Romans which they can take back with them and talk about in the classroom."

Theddlethorpe Academy pupils Ethan Doherty, Sasha Hancock and Louis Taylor tie their tent poles together at the Classroom In The Woods at Ashby cum Fenby.

It is hard getting this tent up. Theddlethorpe Academy pupils Emelia Henderson, Sasha Hancock, Ethan Doherty, Marley Heffernan and Alex Smith work as a team just like the Romans watched by Richard Dawson from Classroom In The Woods.

Not bad if we say so ourselves! Louis Taylor, Ethan Doherty, Marley Heffernan, Isla Hallam, Alex Smith, Emelia Henderson, Paige Potter and Sasha Hancock inside the tent they built.

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