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Thank You To Everyone For Embracing Our Online Learning

Theddlethorpe Academy pupils who are vulnerable or the children of key workers take part in a live online Music lesson from the classroom. The majority of pupils are learning from home with live lessons delivered remotely each day by teachers on Microsoft Teams.

Pupils at Theddlethorpe Academy have fully embraced online learning and parents and carers are impressed with their children’s live interaction with their teachers.

Major investment from Tollbar Multi Academy Trust has ensured that teachers can build upon the remote learning they were offering when pupils were absent self-isolating last term. This has ensured that all pupils now learning at home during the UK’s full lockdown can continue with their normal timetable. Teachers are teaching live lessons directly into pupils’ homes via Microsoft Teams.

Parents have overwhelmed the Academy with messages of support and Principal Susan Cook said she could not be more proud of her staff for embracing the new way of teaching and delivering quality lessons to pupils five days a week.

“This has been a real transition for everyone and we had to get on top of it very fast,” she said. “Yet staff and pupils have really embraced it and, with the support of parents and carers, we are delivering high quality education every day throughout this second lockdown.

“Remote learning has required a new way of thinking to create engaging, and interesting content, as well as finding different ways to connect with the pupils whilst they are working safely from home. Seeing and hearing the children online has made a big difference to pupil engagement, as well as supporting their social and mental wellbeing.”

One parent commented: “Remote learning is good. The schedule is  easy to follow. My son is engaging much better this time round. Live learning is very good as my son likes to verbally ask the questions rather than have to type them out.”

Another parent said: “The remote learning is very good and my daughter can just follow it and get on with it. The schedule is good again because it is all set out in front of you. The live teaching is brilliant, they can ask if they need to and because my daughter has older siblings who are working in the same way it’s good for her.”

A third parent added: “I love the fact my daughter can talk to the teacher using the chat facility and interact with other children so she does not feel isolated. As a parent I can follow the timetable and keep an eye on my daughter as she is doing the online learning.”

Mrs Cook said: “We are very appreciative of these comments and I am incredibly proud of how the staff have stepped up to the challenges of educating pupils online, whilst delivering lessons in the classroom, and supporting pupils remotely. Theddlethorpe Academy will continue to support all of its pupils and to provide the very best learning possible throughout lockdown.”

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Theddlethorpe Academy Principal

Mrs Susan Cook