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The Name’s Boffin… James Boffin, Secret Science Agent!

Scientist James Boffin carries out an experiment for children at Theddlethorpe Academy.

A children’s Science entertainer with a passing resemblance to James Bond brought experiments to life for pupils at Theddlethorpe Academy.

Secret Science Agent UU7 James Boffin thrilled the children with his range of experiments, which included a nitro-cellulose explosion, science versus magic, with everyone shouting out, and lighting up items with electricity. He ended the afternoon with a rocket launch from the school field.

Dressed in a dinner jacket and bow tie, the actor turned scientist, who has featured in TV series’ such as Peaky Blinders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale and feature film ‘The Damned United ‘ said he turned his long-held passion for Science into a job about 12 years ago and has since travelled the UK delivering his mad-cap Science lessons to schools.

He has created characters such as Miss Molly Cule to assist him, and his experiments can be seen on youtube.

“It is an entertaining way of bringing Science to children and they really enjoy it,” he explained. “The workshops include a lot of fun, but they also involve science learning in a way that children remember.”

Susan Cook, Academy Principal, said: "James came to visit Theddlethorpe Academy to ignite an enthusiasm for Science for the children. It was fantastic to see the children's excitement and engagement in the world of Science. The adults were totally engaged too! It is clear to us, that he is passionate about Science and teaching these new and exciting things to children.”

The children wear 3D glasses to get the full benefit of the experiment.

Children take part in an experiment to conduct electricity.

Stand well back! James Boffin gets ready to launch a rocket on Theddlethorpe Academy field fuelled by air pressure.

 And its gone!

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Theddlethorpe Academy Principal

Mrs Susan Cook